What it means to be a Wedding MakeUp Artist

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When I decided to be a wedding specialist, I knew from years of experience just how much responsibility it would be.

Being in charge of a brides face on the biggest day of her life, leaves no room for error.

It means, always being available for her, if she has questions or queries. It means NEVER being allowed to ‘call in sick’ ever! It means always being prepared for the task at hand, you can’t cancel someone’s wedding once your committed and you go above and beyond to ensure the bride and bridal party all feel extra special.

This level of commitment is not for non committed makeup artists, inexperienced makeup artists need not apply either.. I sometimes think that new makeup artists just don’t understand the level of responsibility it takes to be a wedding makeup artist. That’s no disrespect to anyone who is fully committed it’s just in my experience, some girls that started at Mac cosmetics (for example) got the job, got stuck in, then after 3 weeks started offering clients they’re services due to being fully aware that it is a financially lucrative path to go down, completely disregarding they’re actual technical ability and believing they had the skills to deliver when personally I would never allowed any of them to do my basic day to day makeup leave alone the biggest day of my life’s makeup.

So, please be very aware, when selecting your bridal artist, check they’re experience and get feedback from friends and family and go from there.